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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of therapy?

Therapists can provide a safe place to explore and try new ideas to overcome the challenges you meet on your adventure through life. The benefits of therapy depend on your commitment and level of readiness. Some benefits can include conflict resolution strategies, improved communication skills, and support through self-identity exploration. 

Is therapy covered by my insurance?

To determine if you have mental health coverage, the first thing you should do is check with your insurance carrier. Check your coverage carefully and find the answers to the following questions:

  • What are my mental health benefits?

  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

  • How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?

  • How much does my insuance pay for an out-of-network provider? What forms need to be completed to obtain reimbursement?

  • Does my plan cover couples and family psychotherapy (procedure code 90847)?

Why do I need to contact my insurance directly before getting therapy?

ABC Counseling Inc. cannot guarantee insurance coverage for any services provided. It is important to contact your insurance provider and check with them about your specific coverage since every plan is different. 

What does a therapy session look like and how long does it last?

The initial session will include an assessment to discuss various stories from your history and for the therapist to gain a better understanding of your needs and wants regarding services. The first session, called an intake, varies in time between 50-55 minutes while subsequent sessions, called follow-ups, can vary in time from 45-55 minutes. Clients have a right to end the session early or take a small break at any point during the session should they desire.

What is the difference between seeing a therapist/counselor, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist?

For mental health therapists/counselors, the scope of treatment is talk therapy. Typically, therapists have their master's degree and yearly continuing education. 

While psychologists can provide therapy/counseling services they also provide psychological testing for schools, courts, and other entities. 


A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in behavior/mental health. Psychiatrists tend to limit their talk therapy/counseling services and are typically available for medication management. 

What if I need or want to consider medication as an adjunct to psychotherapy?

Your therapist can assist you in discussing your thoughts on considering medications, process any worries you may have, and provide you with referrals to different psychiatrists in the area. Your therapist may also offer professional-to-professional consultations (not covered by insurance) to help with continuity of care. 

If medication is necessary, medication and talk therapy are typically used together. It is important to note that medication therapy is not a replacement for talk therapy. 

How long can I expect to be in therapy?

Unfortunately, this is not something that is possible to answer on a general FAQs page. This topic will be explored in session with your respective therapist as everyone's circumstances are unique to them and can depend on your goals for therapy and your commitment to therapy.

Why do you need my credit/debit card information?

We keep your credit card information securely on file just in case you are responsible for any copays, coinsurance, deductibles, late cancellations, or no-show fees. 

What is your cancellation and no-show policy?

ABC Counseling Inc. has a 48-hour cancellation policy in place meaning that any changes or cancellations will need to be done prior to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Should you cancel within 48 hours or no show to your appointment you will be subject to the $75 fee. This fee is not covered by insurance and will be your responsibility. 

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