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What Is Teletherapy?

Unfortunately, there can be many barriers to finding and using mental health services, including transportation, mobility, and local availability. We offer Telehealth services because we believe that everyone who needs and/or wants mental health services should be able to get them. 

Telehealth, also referred to as Teletherapy is an additional way for therapists to provide mental health services to those who cannot come into their office for in-person appointments. The interactions in a Telehealth session are essentially the same as when done in person; the only difference is that it is being conducted via your computer, phone, or tablet. In a nutshell, Telehealth is therapy from the comfort of your own home or office via a video-based platform. 

We use secure technology to keep your personal health information private. All Telehealth appointments are subject to the same strict HIPAA standard as in-person sessions.

Is Teletherapy Effective?

Research shows that telehealth services are as effective as in-person appointments when it comes to treating mental health conditions. Some people find that telehealth is more effective because it makes attending appointments easier.

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What Does Teletherapy Require?

For your appointment, you will need to have access to a private place and a computer/tablet/smartphone with a camera and a high-speed internet connection. ABC Counseling, Inc. will provide you with access to a secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software free of charge. All you have to do is be on your chosen device and log in at the time of your scheduled appointment. 

It is important to note that most insurance policies that cover mental and/or behavioral health services provide coverage for Telehealth appointments. Before scheduling an appointment we recommend contacting your insurance to check that your policy does include Telehealth services. 

Important Note About Telehealth Sessions:

  • For safety reasons, Telehealth sessions cannot be conducted if you are driving and will be late canceled should you join while doing so. 

  • For HIPPA compliancy reasons, Telehealth sessions cannot be conducted if you are in the presence of others who are not joining in session. 

  • Due to licensing restrictions, Telehealth sessions are only to be conducted with those located in the state of Texas.

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