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Creating Your Portal Account (MYIO)

Hi! When you first reach out to ABC Counseling Inc. for services, our staff will have an email sent to you with a portal invite from our system called Valant ( with the subject line “ABC Counseling Inc. inviting you to set up your MYIO account”. 

You can either set up this account on your computer using a web browser such as Google Chrome or you can download the app called MYIO. 


You will have 7 days to create your MYIO account before this invite expires and you will need to reach out to us to have a new one sent. This account you are creating is going to be your all-in-one portal system. This means you will be able to securely message your therapist, view and pay account balances, see scheduled appointments, join Telehealth appointments, and so much more! 


Once you start setting up your MYIO account, you will receive an additional email from titled “Verify Email to Activate MYIO”. You will know you have been successful in setting up your account when you later receive an email titled “Your MYIO account has been set up” from  

Step By Step Guide

Here is a guide that walks you through the process of setting up your account via the app or by computer (browser). This guide also shows you what you have access to in your portal, how to complete required paperwork, and how to log into your Telehealth appointments. 

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