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Our Favorite Resources For Adults

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PostPartum Support International

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Anxiety & Depression Association of America

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Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance

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National Alliance On Mental Illness

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You Feel Like Sh*T: An Interactive Self Care Guide

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It Gets Better


Why Won't My Therapist Tell Me What To Do?

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How To Find The Right Therapist For You

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Telling Loved Ones About Sexual Assault


Image by Stephanie Harvey
Image by Stephanie Harvey

What Consent Looks Like

Some Advice On Coming Out

Tips For Talking With Survivors Of Sexual Assault

Downloadable Materials

99 Coping Skills List

Coping skills can help give you a way of processing your emotions, or create a positive experience that can stop you from negatively overthinking. This list was created by Your Life Your Voice provided by Boys Town. 

30 Day Self Care Challenge

Self-care challenges help you focus on your health each day. Remember, this challenge is for you, so make any modifications to the daily challenges as needed. Challenge accepted? Let’s get started.

Self Harm Alternatives

If you’re struggling with the urge to self-harm, there are ways to get through without hurting yourself. This list provides lots of ways to cope until the urge passes. Use this list to get ideas of things to do instead of self-harming.

Everything Is Awful and I'm Not Okay

This is a one-page, printable list of questions to ask yourself when you're feeling down.

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